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Peter Garland:
The Landscape Scrolls

Ether Music CD

This premiere recording of Peter Garland’s 50-minutepiece The Landscape Scrolls continues his history as a maverick “composer of mesmerizing music” (Kyle Gann). Commissioned by percussionist John Lane, the work depicts the 24-hour day cycle in five movements.

John Luther Adams writes:

“The expressive power of this music comes not from the notes on the page, but from a deeper resonance, from the magical power of sound itself … A set of drums reconnects us with the ground beneath our feet. A few triangles become an enormous carillon, a nocturnal bell tower, a call to prayer in the temple of night. The gentle clanging of tubular bells becomes a morning chant, saluting the sun, greeting the new day. Listening to this music we are grounded again, we are filled with wonder … These are musical landscapes [but also] prayers for the seasons, the hours of night and day, prayers for humanity and for all life on this planet.”

NakedEye Ensemble:
Storylines Crossing

Ether Music CD

"If you tossed an electric blues band and a contemporary music ensemble into the blender and turned it to high, you might end up with something like NakedEye... The music on the group’s exciting debut release is a stylistic melange, full of gritty energy and wonderful stylistic feints."
San Francisco Chronicle

This debut recording of the NakedEye Ensemble helps refute the notion that contemporary classical music is isolated from the world we live in. Three works have a sociopolitical slant, and several pieces draw on the energy that rock offers.

The pieces are inspired by a wide variety of subjects, including: the Vietnam War; the infamous Attica Prison riots; the development of a “groovy” bass line; and the antics of catnip-fueled cats. Five of the six works receive their premiere recordings, and the sixth work presents a new music masterpiece in a new, unusual arrangement.


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