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If you would like to have your music released by Starkland, please review the following information.

Starkland is a nonprofit, tax-exempt label that releases recordings of contemporary classical music, also described as alternative classical, experimental, avant-garde, electroacoustic, or just new music. Before submitting your music, please be sure it is appropriate for us. If in doubt, please check our catalog. For example, we don’t release new age, rock, country, etc.

Your music would be in company. Other composers and musicians heard on Starkland include: Charles Amirkhanian, Phillip Bimstein, Martin Bresnick, Mary Ellen Childs, Tod Dockstader, Paul Dolden, Paul Dresher, Robert Een, Fred Frith, Ellen Fullman, Aaron Jay Kernis, Phil Kline, Guy Klucevsek, Lukas Ligeti, Keeril Makan, Ingram Marshall, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Bobby Previte, Somei Satoh, Elliott Sharp, Carl Stone, Lois V Vierk, Pamela Z, and John Zorn.

Starkland’s promotion is exceptional. We will send 100-200 promo copies of your CD to print, web, and broadcast media. This list will be assembled from your own list, our distributor’s list, and Starkland’s own excellent promo list, carefully cultivated over 20+ years. Starkland has developed ongoing relationships with nearly all major new music critics in the US. We also do considerable follow-up with major media contacts. Most releases receive 10 or more reviews, and previous recordings have been reviewed in The New York Times, Gramophone, Stereophile, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, Billboard, Fanfare, Washington Post, American Record Guide, Chamber Musician Today, Sequenza21, Boston Globe, Sound & Vision, New York Magazine, and The Wire.

Starkland’s releases have also been featured on major national radio programs, such as these NPR shows: All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, and Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing.

Starkland would work with an appropriate author to write an Introduction for your booklet, which will also include your notes and a short bio. Previous Introduction writers include John Adams, Laurie Anderson, Kyle Gann, David Lang, Meredith Monk, Bill Morrison, Pauline Oliveros, Eric Salzman, John Schaefer, and Elliott Sharp.

Starkland is distributed by Naxos of America, the largest digital distributor of independent classical music in the world, as well as the #1 independent classical music distributor in the U.S. and Canada. With Naxos, your CD will be available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Starkland has never had a release become out-of-print. This means when the physical inventory of a release has sold out, we repress new physical stock, in contrast to some other labels that keep sold-out releases “in print” only in a digital format. (Of course, if in the future eventually no one buys physical CDs, we would need to revise our current policy.)

As with nearly every new music CD released in the US, financial support is needed to help cover the costs for production, manufacturing, and promotion. If we approve your music for release, we will send you a specific description and budget for your project. The amount of required funding is typically much less than what other new music labels request, because at present Starkland subsidizes the administrative and overhead costs associated with your CD project.

We only review music for a full CD project. We do not review music online. We don’t approve everything we receive. In fact, we turn down more projects than we accept.

If you would like us to consider your recording project, please send:

  • A CD with all the music you are submitting for consideration. Please indicate whether these are final, mastered recordings or not. Good quality concert recordings are also acceptable for purposes of reviewing the music.
  • Your notes about the music.
  • Your bio.
  • Press quotes and promotional ideas as appropriate.
  • A statement that you understand that Starkland will need to receive financial support to produce and promote the release.

Please ship to:

PO Box 2190
Boulder, CO 80306

It can take a few months to carefully consider your project and respond.

If you still have questions, please email us at info at starkland dot com.




"For anyone with open ears,
Starkland is essential listening."
– John Luther Adams



"The always worth exploring Colorado-based Starkland label”
- New Music Box



"For 25 years Starkland has been
putting out cds and dvds of challenging
and beautiful and provocative and
powerful music."
– David Lang



"Props to our amigo Tom Steenland who has been producing great avant-garde recordings on his Starkland label from Boulder for many years now."
- Sequenza21



"High quality cutting-edge music."
–  Audiophile Audition




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