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Guy klucevsek: Polka From The Fringe

Los Angeles Times (Mark Swed):
"As a cultural cross-dresser, Klucevsek has few equals in bending genres wherever he finds them. His latest recording, 'Polka From the Fringe,' is a two-CD collection of new polkas he got from a wide range of classical new music, jazz and indie pop composers. It’s a riot, and an addictive one at that."

Sequenza 21 (Jay Batzner):
"A heck of a lot of fun... You can tell that the composers had a good time writing these pieces... Full of joy, pleasure, and talent."

New Music Box (Frank Oteri):
"Sheer loveliness [to] relentless experimentalism [to] out and out zaniness... the next time someone comes up to you claiming to be able to define new music, tell him or her to listen to these recordings."

A major project from leading new music accordionist Guy Klucevsek, out-of-print for nearly two decades, is now again available, in its most comprehensive edition yet. For his original “Polka From the Fringe” undertaking, Klucevsek commissioned over two-dozen two-steps, resulting in a varied, readily attractive collection.

The distinguished group of composers includes: Mary Ellen Childs, Anthony Coleman, Tom Cora, Guy De Bievre, Dick Connette, William Duckworth, Steve Elson, Carl Finch (of Brave Combo), Fred Frith, David Garland, Peter Garland, Daniel Goode, Rolf Groesbeck, Robin Holcomb, Phillip Johnston, Joseph Kasinskas, Aaron Jay Kernis, John King, Mary Jane Leach, David Mahler, Bobby Previte, Bill Ruyle, Elliott Sharp, Carl Stone, Lois V Vierk, William Obrecht, and Peter Zummo.

Chosen as the Best Recordings of 1992 by John Schaefer on WNYC’s nationally-syndicated radio program New Sounds, the original two CDs shortly thereafter disappeared when the label went out of business.

Guy Klucevsek

The new Starkland double-CD release offers 29 polka pieces, ranging from Sharp’s punk-infused Happy Chappie Polka, Frith’s humorous The Disinformation Polka, and King’s slyly political song about a one-legged polka, to Finch’s beautiful Prairie Dogs, Obrecht’s witty Guy, Won’t You Play Your Accordion, and Connette’s poignant Wild Goose.

All Music Guide loved the “superb results” of the “beautifully and tightly played” music on the CDs, noting there are “several absolute classics.”

"The composers represented the most beautifully idiosyncratic nooks and crannies of Uptown and Downtown New Music, jazz, rock, and improvisation: more than two dozen individual and diverse visions united under Guy Klucevsek’s polka freak-flag."
- Elliott Sharp

Guy Klucevsek is one of the world’s most versatile and highly-respected accordionists. He has performed and/or recorded with Laurie Anderson, Bang On a Can, Anthony Braxton, Dave Douglas, Bill Frisell, Kepa Junkera, the Kronos Quartet, Natalie Merchant, Present Music, Relâche, Zeitgeist, and John Zorn. In 2010, Klucevsek was awarded a prestigious United States Artists Collins Fellowship, given annually to “America's finest artists.” He has released over 20 recordings as soloist/leader, and can also be heard on John Williams’ orchestral scores for several Steven Spielberg films.

Previous Starkland CDs featuring Guy Klucevsek include Transylvanian Softwear and Free Range Accordion.



Guy Klucevsek: Polka From The Fringe: Cover

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Disc 1

The Grass, It Is Blue

  (Guy Klucevsek)

The VCR Polka

  (David Garland)

Polka Dots And Laser Beams

  (Guy De Bievre)
Diet Polka

  (Daniel Goode)
The Club Nada Polka
  (Peter Garland)
The 22nd St Accordion Band
  (David Mahler)
The Nova Scotia Polka
  (Bobby Previte)
Happy Chappie Polka
  (Elliott Sharp)
The Winnemucca Polka
  (Robin Holcomb)
(Do The) Lurk – Part 2 – Polka
  (Bill Ruyle)
Oa Poa Polka
  (Mary Ellen Childs)
Peek-A-Boo Polka
  (Joseph Kasinskas)
Solidarity-Polka Song
  (John King)
Phantom Polka
  (Aaron Jay Kernis)
Prairie Dogs
  (Carl Finch)

Disc 2

Guy, Won't You Play Your Accordion?
  (William Obrecht)
Polking Around
  (William Duckworth)

The Imperial Buzzard
  (Tom Cora)
The Disinformation Polka
  (Fred Frith)
Medjunarodni Nacin Polka
  (Anthony Coleman)
From Here To Paternity Polka
  (Steve Elson)
(The) Who Stole the Polka
  (Peter Zummo)
Some of that "Old Time Soul" Polka
  (Guy Klucevsek)
Polka I
  (Rolf Groesbeck)
Attack Cat Polka
  (Lois Vierk)
Fuddle The Shux
  (Carl Stone)
Guy De Polka
  (Mary Jane Leach)
Pontius Pilate Polka
  (Phillip Johnston)
Wild Goose
  (Dick Connette)

Introduction: Elliott Sharp
Total Time 96:30
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