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Phil Kline: Around the World in a Daze

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The New Yorker:
"A special-project disk in which Kline created, out of extravagant electronic means... an audio-visual feast that balances hipster zen with the seriousness of Bach and Wagner."

The New York Times:
"Mr. Kline, the electronic experimenter who deploys fleets of boomboxes to achieve his preferred textures, is hard at work."
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"This adventurous music... ranges widely from ambient recordings that are surprisingly musical, to complex constructions that emerge as lyrical... The accompanying DVD offers... a fascinating interview with Kline."
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New York Magazine:
"A set of sensational études."
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"Imaginary vistas that envelope, even overwhelm... Our always adventuresome friends at Starkland have outdone themselves this time."

Vital Weekly:
"Congratulations to Starkland for releasing this extraordinary and well-documented release."

The Washington Post:
"Very noteworthy... an electro-acoustic DVD extravaganza."

Leading new music composer Phil Kline debuts a major work, Around the World in a Daze, on a new surround sound DVD released by Starkland.

The 65-minute studio composition was commissioned by Starkland specifically for high-resolution surround sound and to premiere on DVD.

Video: John Schaefer interviews Phil Kline
about his interest in using sound in space.

Daze opens with the multi-channel ambiance near Kline’s home in New York City’s lower East Side, begins a “long journey” performed by the string band Ethel, peaks with a massive climax of hundreds of thousands of “falling pennies” that dramatically explores the psychoacoustic possibilities of surround sound, shifts to the soaring violinistics of Todd Reynolds, and concludes by placing the listener inside multiple layers of a field recording of 15,000 chattering, African gray parrots.

"The Starkland label has a treat for you. There's plenty to enjoy in this piece for your standard audio consumer, but for the audiophiles in the crowd, the real fun is in sitting immersed in this mash up of street noise, music clips, music boxes, bug zappers, and many other bits of sonic detritus."
- Molly Sheridan, New Music Box

Along the way, listeners are also seduced by some swirling, hypersampled Wagner, a weird madrigal about bitterness and bees, a Bach prelude eerily processed into a Zurich train station, and a mournfully multi-tracked “wailing wall.”

Daze is Kline’s longest work and biggest commission to date. Daze is also likely the largest work so far commissioned for a high-resolution surround sound recording.

Offered in a custom-designed package, this double-DVD release adds an Extras DVD, highlighted by a 34-minute interview with Kline. The two DVDs contain a total content of 110 minutes.

Tom Steenland, owner of Starkland, initially conceived the broad project’s overall goals. He states, “I love surround sound and think it’s an exhilarating format for contemporary composers.”

Steenland adds, “Phil Kline is a highly original, wonderful composer, and much of his music is inherently spatial.” He explains, “The idea of commissioning a major work from Phil to premiere on a surround sound recording was compelling and irresistible.”

Phil Kline boombox circle for Starkland DVD

The main disc offers Daze in several formats to accommodate a variety of home playback setups. The music can be heard in the common Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround format that is standard on all DVDs, has well as the higher quality DTS 5.1 and high-resolution audiophile DVD-Audio surround formats. The DVD also offers a version in stereo.

Playback of the Daze music is accompanied by over 80 images shot by Kline.

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The Housatonic at Henry Street
For Ives the river of life, running right by my window.
Electronica and tape orchestra. Field recording: Henry Street at Rutgers, evening in July.

Svarga Yatra
An uphill climb. It might mean Stairway to Heaven in Sanskrit.
Performed by Ethel (Todd Reynolds and Mary Rowell, violins, Ralph Farris, viola, Dorothy Lawson, cello) with tape choir.

The Maryland Sample
A madrigal about love and science, bitterness and bees.
Performed by Kamala Sankaram (vocals) and Phil Kline (vocals, strings and percussion). Field recording: bug zappers on Nicola Teslas porch

Pennies from Heaven
The trickle down theory. Everything is falling. Every time it rains it rains.
Tape orchestra

On the Waterfront
This is not a recording, but something happening right now in Istanbul.
Luv U 2 Death
Death hastened by technology. And our love become a funeral pyre.
Wagner Liebestod
The Wailing Wall
The pull of the moon. A blind man tries to describe it.
Vocals by Phil Kline
Grand Etude for the Elevation
The importance of height: I can see my house from here.
Violinistics by Todd Reynolds
Departing, the end begins.
Bach Prelude in B flat minor. Field recording: Tuesday morning, Zurich station.

The Housatonic at Dzanga
The mystery of red mercury, observed by a million gray parrots.
Electronica and tape choir. Field recording: the watering hole at Dzanga, Central African Republic (Louis Sarno)

DVD One Total Time: 65:17 | Introduction: John Schaefer


MEDITATION (run as fast as you can)
music video by Phil Kline

Interview with John Schaefer

Production Photos

Total Content: 110 min.
NTSC All Region






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